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Jaw-Dropping Vanagon Restorations + Subaru Engine Conversions

Build the VW Westfalia Vanagon of Your Dreams.

Our customers love us

We have won 9 awards + have been Featured IN

Featured in Vanagon Book

What we do

Custom VW Vanagon Restorations

From paint to upholstery, flooring to bumpers, propane tanks to outlet covers, and everything in between, you can design your custom VW Vanagon camper just the way you want it.  Bring your own van or start with one of ours. Either way, you'll be blown away by how amazing your VW Westfalia Vanagon looks, runs and handles.   

Custom VW Vanagon Exteriors + Paint Jobs

Quality Craftsmanship

We love our Vanagons as much as you do, which is why we focus on perfecting every detail to bring new life to your baby.   

Decades of Experience

After working on literally thousands of VW Vanagons over more than two decades, we know what works and what doesn't. We are here to consult with you every step of the way as you decide how you want to invest in the Westfalia of your dreams.  

Expedited Service

We always have vans in our queue but you'll be pleasantly surprised by our quick turnaround time--and if you're working on a tight deadline, let us know, we can make it happen for you.  

Custom VW Vanagon Upholstery + Interiors

Greg H.

San Juan Capistrano, CA

"If you are looking restore your beloved old Westy there no better place in the U.S. than California Westys. Cesar is in a class of his own. He combines years of experience with a knowledgeable staff focused on the smallest detail. I recently had my 1985 Weekender restored. After picking it up I found a few minor things that I thought should be looked at.  Cesar immediately took the van back and worked on it all day. By the time I returned to pick up my Westy all of the problems were fixed perfectly. I casually mentioned a mechanical problem that my mechanic was unable to fix. To my surprise Cesar had fixed the problem without being asked to ( no charge ). A class act worth investigating."

Want to See "Behind the Scenes"?

Check out our Facebook page for awesome, nitty-gritty photos of the vans we've transformed most recently.

We'll show you exactly what's under the hood--er, rather, should we say, beneath the bed? Or...in the trunk?? Well, you know what we mean...

Want to See "Behind the Scenes"?

Check out our Facebook + Instagram pages for awesome, nitty-gritty photos of the vans we've transformed most recently.

We'll show you exactly what's under the hood--er, rather, should we say, beneath the bed? Or...in the trunk?? Well, you know what we mean...!

Subaru Engine Conversions 

Tired of maintaining a touchy VW engine that was never really built for such a heavy vehicle?  Ready for more power and better zip? A Subaru Conversion is the way to go and we are the ones to do it for you. A Subaru engine fits amazingly well into the VW Vanagon and you’ll be blown away by the difference it makes.

  • No more worrying about overheating up a hill.
  • No more turning the A/C off and sticking your foot out the door just to get UP a hill.
  • No more dangerously slow merging onto highways.

Don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel (or in this case, your engine!) we’ve done the research, found the parts and have the contacts to get the highest quality parts at the best value.

California Westys can give the you expert advice and experience you need to make sure that your subaru conversion is everything it should be.

VW Vanagon Repairs + Maintenance

Are you having trouble with your VW Vanagon engine? Or are you ready for some routine maintenance to keep your baby runnin’ great?

Our customers don't just hire us to do conversions and restorations. They become clients for life and often won't take their van anywhere else for maintenance or repair.

We’ll take care of you and your van with the utmost attention and know-how. Besides VW Vanagon restorations and Subaru Engine conversions, we also do…

  • Complete Mechanic Services
  • Transmissions
  • Suspensions
  • Brakes, Wheels + Tires
  • Air Conditioning

Boomer R.

Los Angeles, CA

"California Westys is the real deal!! Cesar is incredibly passionate about his customers and their Westfalias. He puts great effort into each project and does it in a timely manner.  Cesar installed a 4-cylinder Subaru engine and completely upgraded the '87 Westfalia that has been in our family for decades. WOW! What a difference. The engine power is fantastic! It has been such a pleasure working with Cesar throughout this process. He is very passionate about his installation and his attention to detail is immaculate. Cesar is accessible and reasonable in his pricing.  Cesar and his staff at California Westys have been more than helpful. My family and I truly support his vision and are astonished by his execution."

Best in Class

We Take Pride in Our Award-Winning VW Vanagons

See those "license plates"? They're actually trophies from the San Diego Air Cooled Mile of Cars auto show, where we have won many awards.

Best of Show. Best Vanagon Camper. #1. Top 40. You name it, we've probably won it. That's because we take pride in every detail of our work.

If you're looking for the best, you've found it. Isn't it time to stop reading about us and give us a call to talk about building the van of your dreams? 


Because it's more than a van...

It's a Way of Life

At California Westy, we know that it’s not just a van, it’s a way of life. On the weekends, our founder Cesar gets away in his van to go surfing in Baja... Where will you take yours?

Whether you’re looking to become the owner of an awesome VW Westfalia Vanagon or you’re already up in the driver’s seat, we can help.  We’ve always got several vans for sale if you’re in the market, but even if your own baby has a lot going for it, there are probably MANY improvements that could be made.  We can help.

About Cesar

As a child, Cesar spent his days watching his father rebuild classic cars, learning how the right care and knowledge could extend the life and performance of any car or truck. His father would repair cars for friends and neighbors; asking for little compensation in return.

Cesar never forgot the look of gratitude on the faces of the people his father helped and he never forgot the warm feeling inside every time his father would deliver a restored vehicle to someone who couldn’t afford a new one. He was determined to honor his father by opening a business that would truly offer value to the community. He promised himself to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of how large his business grew.

Since opening California Westys in 2000, he has been providing excellent service and offering outstanding value to Volkswagon Westfalia owners across the country and throughout California.

Got a Question for Cesar?

Give him a call!

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Happy Customers

Jack H.

San Diego, California

"I've been going to my regular mechanic for 15 years and he had it for a month and he was stumped by this van. I brought it to Cesar at California Westys and he did his magic. It was unbelievable. Cesar found simple and inexpensive answers to my van problems and now it runs strong and the total cost was super reasonable. Plus, his guys are great and treated me well. If you have a Volkswagen van and you go any other place than California Westys, you're nuts."

Bryan B.

Encinitas, California

"So many positive things going on at  this place.  Love Westys, go here!  Everything you could possibly think up regarding the ultimate surf/camp mobile, the German VW Westfalia, is enhanced here!  If you want  to make your classic van better, go here! 

Everyone here seems to not only be working, but really enjoying themselves! I'm really glad I found California Westys."

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We've Been Around for Over a Decade + Aren't Going Anywhere Any Time Soon

Where it all happens

Come Visit Us

California Westys Headquarters

California Westys Headquarters -- Our Office

California Westys Headquarters -- Our Shop

We are located in El Cajon, California, just 15 minutes’ drive from Downtown San Diego and we serve customers from all over the country.  Come on in for a tour and to tell us about your van.